We hope you have a great time using our Frugal Forest Education Kit! Aimed at Year 3-6 students, this kit gives a behind-the-scenes look at some of the materials and making techniques of the Frugal Forest. Focussing on leaf litter and fungi, the kit also delves into the ecology of these important recyclers of the forest. The kit is intended to deepen students’ understanding of the concept that nothing is wasted in a forest – something humanity could learn a lot from.

Teachers and home educators can use the kit as a 2-day Frugal Forest immersion project or split it up into bite-size morsels of art and science activities. The kit works well with the NSW Board of Studies science unit “The Living World”, with Australian Curriculum content descriptions provided. And please leave us some feedback so we can continue to improve it!

“Fantastic! Thankyou so much! The kids really loved the lessons.”- Mr Nicholson, Wauchope Public School.

Choose how you want to download the kit below. Download the whole kit, or select the sections that you want to use.

Whole Kit: includes Teacher’s Notes and Student Worksheets for both Leaf Litter and Fungi units.


Just Teacher’s Notes: use this as a digital resource or print out.


Just Student Worksheets: print out a copy for each of your students.


Leaf Litter Unit Only: learn about the ecology of leaf litter, discover the story behind photographs and make your own beautiful leaf litter.


Fungi Unit Only: learn about the ecology of fungi, discover some interesting materials and create your own fungi from precious junk.