The Frugal Forest

The Frugal Forest is an intricately detailed forest installation made entirely from stuff that was headed for the dump. Why? Because nothing is wasted in the forest, and we could really learn from that.


In the forest, nothing is wasted.

Imagine walking along a dappled path. Overhead trees, palms, and vines vanish into darkness, and around you grasses, ferns and fungi flourish. The space is filled with the sounds of creatures welcoming the dawn. But as you listen and look, you notice faces in the leaves, a hint of barcode in the bark; even the birdcalls hint at city streets. Everything you see and hear is made entirely from salvaged materials.


Creations from junk by Frugal Forest workshop participants


BRYONY ANDERSON is a designer, maker and artist working as One Off Makery and based in Pappinbarra, NSW. Her puppets and constructions for visual performance have toured nationally and internationally, and appeared in museums in three countries. She has run workshops and mentored emerging artists in urban, rural and desert communities around Australia.


RAE HOWELL is an Australian freelance composer and multi-instrumentalist with family on the Mid North Coast. Founding Director of the Sunwrae Ensemble, Rae also composes and performs regularly for various theatre, film, dance and multimedia projects, and has held fellowships as Musician in Residence around the world.


CHAY KHAMSONE is an environmental educator, art teacher, videographer and contributing artist to One Off Makery. As president of Frugal Arts Inc and Assistant Director of the Frugal Forest Project, Chay manages the educational aspects, including workshops, videos and marketing. Chay is loving the tree-change on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales.

In January 2016, the Frugal Forest premiered at Glasshouse Port Macquarie and then hit the road on a regional NSW tour, featuring a season at the Sydney Opera House. Along the way, over 60,000 people saw it or joined a workshop.

It’s done and dusted now, so we are no longer calling for donations.

THANK YOU to all those who donated to our crowdfunding campaign and helped us to see it through!

The Frugal Forest was a Frugal Arts Inc project supported by One Off Makery and Midwaste Regional Waste Forum. Based in Pappinbarra, a rural valley near Wauchope, it spanned the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Frugal Arts Inc is now a thing of the past, but lives on on Facebook

Phone: 0421 251 049