The Frugal Forest was a Frugal Arts Inc project, supported by One Off Makery and based in Pappinbarra, NSW. It involved artists, musicians, scientists, schools and community across the Mid North Coast. To date over 1170 people have contributed, from making leaf litter to designing massive palm trees, creating soundscapes and videos or building websites.The aim: to create an arresting and immersive forest installation, entirely from stuff that was headed for landfill. Why? Because a forest is a living example of an endlessly sustainable zero-waste system, in which waste is an opportunity and there’s no such thing as a dump. In a world of dwindling resources and a growing waste problem, we could learn a lot from that.

The Frugal Forest retired on the 10th of June 2018 after a two and a half year tour to eight venues around NSW including regional galleries, Sea Acres Rainforest Centre and the Sydney Opera House. More than 60,000 people wandered through, listened and touched. The process of rehoming and repurposing the Forest has begun, and meanwhile Frugal Arts Inc lives on: visit Frugal Arts or find us on Facebook.